Estate agents Stourbridge can help you with buying and selling property alongside questions that may arise. If you are planning to buy a house in England you will have two options, you can go for leasehold property or you can opt for a freehold. Each choice has its benefits and downsides. One of the thing which explains why people that explains why people purchase properties on leasehold terms is because many people wants to purchase houses on short term basis. Some people feel like it’s boring to stay in one place for a very long time and instead of having to sell the house in order to move out. With leasehold basis, when your contract runs out you can just move out instead of renewing the contact.

Estate agents Stourbridge can help you if you are looking for these types of property in the area. The major advantage of leasing property is that it provides people with short term needs for residence with a place to stay. The length of stay usually depends on the agreement you will make with the freeholder. It can be 50 years, 200 years or even 999 years. if you are looking for a place to stay let’s say for like 20 years you can be sure of finding a good deal on leasehold basis. After your contract runs out you can move out or you can renew the contract and continue staying in the same place.

Compared to freehold properties, purchasing property on leasehold basis is cheaper. It explains why a lot of people nowadays are preferring leasehold properties to freehold. Even if you are on a tight budget you can be sure of getting a good deal on leasehold.

As you buy a leasehold property be sure to read all the terms so that you can be sure of avoiding being involved in a ground rent scandal.